These were made with mirror vinyl (bought from a Chinese seller) over craft foam held together with various glues.

This is the process / tutorial used.

Use the following chart when adhering materials so they stick well:

  • Vinyl front to vinyl front: Super Glue / Krazy Glue
  • Foam to vinyl front: Coat the foam in a very thin layer of hot glue, let it dry, then use Super Glue / Krazy Glue
  • Foam to vinyl backing: Contact Cement / Contact Spray
  • Foam to foam: Hot Glue (or your favorite method…this is my preferred)

Others have used contact cement to hold the foam to the vinyl backing but because contact cement smells like death to me, I prefer the contact spray adhesive instead.

Really love using this method as it’s fast, easy, and light. Luckily, my armor did not have any complex curves because if it did, I would have used Worbla instead.

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Girl Gang Adventure Time featuring myself as Fionna, daydreamremix as Flame Princess, and eclecticeevee as Princess Bubblegum. 

Photos taken by alliluvsgames.

Inspired by Moped Gang Adventure Time by thealcolyte!

We wore this for Baltimore Comic Con 2014. 

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アキバフォトグラフィ - キャラホビ2014 C3×HOBBY フォトレポートその3 キャラホビマーケット編

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Check out all the other Batman Fan Art @ Batman Feeeva!

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Early Concept Art by Andy Park / Twitter

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Agnes Noblesse Oblige in Bravely Second!!

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